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2017: Joyful Harvests

Moyo Akin Ojo of Manifold Grace Ministries
Col. Moyo Akin-Ojo of Great Great Grace Campaign

Today, 31st Dec. 2016 the last day of the year. We are grateful to God our father for the great supplies all through the year. We are now open for greater things for a new year 2017. Below are the words of prophecy from a respected and beloved man of God, Col. Moyo Akin-Ojo.He is one of my mentors. Believe and receive these words in .

2017 is our year of JOYFUL HARVESTS! The Lord has made bright clouds and there is an outpouring of the over us and all that concerns us. Paul calls this outpouring the “Supply of the Spirit” (Philippians 1:19). This Supply turns defeat into victory; famine into plenty; disease into health and religion into righteousness. 

The Supply turns an inmate Joseph into a Prime Minister; a despondent 400 into David’s Mighty Men; a terrorist Saul into Apostle Paul and an immoral Nineveh into a Nation of godliness. 
Get ready for continual harvests of the same order in the year 2017. Communities and cities will be harvested for the Kingdom. 

Seemingly impossible folks will profess faith . Terminal sicknesses will be healed routinely and enmasse. Resources will abound for the propagation of the gospel and for God’s people to live a life of peace and . And I hear in my spirit that there will be greater depth to Christianity in conviction and practice in this country. 

We must however take a hold of these harvests through faith, wisdom of the Spirit and rejoicing.

Many will laugh into prosperity; dance into their healing and rejoice into new portals in the spirit. Like Paul and Silas, rejoicing shall be a practice of faith that will manifest the harvest!

Rejoice for captivity is turned around (Psalms 126). Mountains are made plain and city gates are opening to you of their own accord.

Those that mocked will stand in awe and conclude that God has remembered His own (as if He ever forgets). Long and wearying fights of faith will give way to victory processions of joy. Things missing shall be found and those lost shall be restored double fold. Seeds of faith watered for years in hope shall suddenly spring up with speedy harvests. Tears shall be wiped away and mourning will turn to rejoicing.
Isaiah 60:15. In places and situations in which you were forsaken and cast out; the Lord will make you an eternal excellency bringing joy and inspiration to generations. Draw from these wells with rejoicing. Do not complain…see God’s perspective on issues. Pray with thanksgiving.

Our horn is exalted in 2017. For when men are cast down, the Lord has ordained that we lift them up (Job 22:29). Many will weep and wail in the world but their contact with us will be the game changer. They will receive joy unspeakable as Christ exalted in us will turn their sorrow into joy.

Enjoy a Great Year of JOYFUL HARVESTS!

Moyo Akin-Ojo

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