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About Kevin Ashwe

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Kevin Ashwe

Kevin Ashwe is a Bible College instructor, an author, freelance Content Writer, Blogger and Copy Writer and the senior Pastor of WORDLife Assembly in Wusasa, Nigeria.

This blog is dedicated to sharing with you the Gospel of Christ. And by the Gospel I mean the “finished works of Christ”. The Gospel is not just the Bible but essentially JESUS. So what I do here is majorly share with you JESUS and him alone crucified.

My message as a minister of the Gospel is to deliver believers from the bondage of religion and mature them by showing them “Who they are in Christ, What they have in Christ and what they can do in Christ”. That means to show believers their “Position, Personality and Possessions in Christ Jesus”. This is my calling,mandate and message to you.

If you follow me on this blog then you can be sure that you will become all that Christ died for you to be. Jesus paid the high price for you to have a glorious life on earth. I am committed to helping you become heavens dream for you. 

Join me on this train and let’s begin. I have so much for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog with your best email so that you won’t miss any of my posts here. Its all for free.

Feel free to send us all your questions and testimonies and join me on Facebook @wordlifeassembly and on twitter @kevin_ashwe

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