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Kevin Ashwe is a Husband, Bible college instructor, Senior pastor of World Life Assembly. Join him in Twitter @Kevin_Ashwe and Facebook @wordlifeassembly

Sound Doctrine: For Younger Ministers

How sound and healthy are you ?Sound doctrine is the steering wheel of New Testament ministry . If you jettison it for popularity ,it’s tantamount to letting your car drift since you lost the steering wheel . You can’t tell the extent it will take and lead you astray . …

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What is True Worship?

We have sung songs making reference to Angels and hosts of heaven ,we have sang such songs in much emotion and heart felt passion ,we even say “singing with the Angels “” angels bow before you “But have we worshiped God truly ?is this true worship ? Worship refers to …

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Spiritual Father? Spiritual Son?

Have you been asked these questions ?Too much pressure has been put on many upcoming ministers to ensure they procure fathers ,or have sons .. But no such requirements have been placed in scriptures , Spiritual fathering is no tea party , Unlike natural parenting ,which happens at once ( …

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What about Speaking in Tongues? 5

From our brief study on the subject of tongues we have been able to see the following.Tongues is for ALL believers. Mark16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; Hence No believer in scripture ever …

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What about Speaking in Tongues? 4

Tongues either in prayer or praise is for fellowship with the Father and the development of the spiritual life.Its peculiar to the new testament.Many(believers) do not speak with tongues based on wrong information.We shall address a few in order to help our brothers in the faith. 1Cor12;1- Now concerning spiritual …

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What about Speaking in Tongues? 3

Tongues is unique to the New testament. It’s a sign that Christ rose from the Dead. It’s a proof that He has been exalted.The First Time men spoke with tongues was Acts2:1-4.Peter addressed an amazed crowd and gave this account. Acts2:33 Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, …

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