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Online Ministry and Study Groups – Q & A

Q – WHAT ARE ONLINE MINISTRIES?A – Ministries and churches which put their message and services online, Internet, Twitter, Facebook, periscope, Instagram etc…, Some others are individuals not necessarily denominations Q – HOW SAFE ARE THEY? A – Safe? That’s an incongruous question. It’s like asking how safe it is …

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50 Reasons Your Church Needs Technology

It’s such a big surprise to me to hear Christians attacking technology in these times and age we are in. The Church that is supposed to be in the forefront of technology is behind and even trying to go behind the more. The 21st century advancement is a great blessing …

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Mobile Giving Technology and the Church

Mobile giving has come to stay. Some call it ‘digital giving‘, others call it ‘th​e 21st century offering plate‘. Whatever we choose to call it it’s a technology that is crucial to the Church. People are increasingly accessing the Internet through mobile devices. Mobile giving is more important to the …

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Information Technology and the 21st Century Church

The 21st century advancement has opened up the whole earth for the 21st century Church to take it over. World evangelism has never been this easy. Technology has blessed the Church and is still a blessing to the Church more than any body or organization on earth. Though it has come …

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