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Spiritual Father? Spiritual Son?

Have you been asked these questions ?Too much pressure has been put on many upcoming ministers to ensure they procure fathers ,or have sons .. But no such requirements have been placed in scriptures , Spiritual fathering is no tea party , Unlike natural parenting ,which happens at once ( …

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Reviewing your Sermons 1

You need to check your sermons and observe your focus. Emphasis is key, if you emphasize what scriptures don’t emphasize you feed your flock the wrong diet. THEY CAN’T GROW! Believers can only grow if given the right diet. Scriptures has its proper meal and diet. Check out a few …

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As a Pastor 8 things you must never Believe

1 – That you are indispensable That’s a huge joke which you must never fall for during pastors appreciation parties, on Facebook greetings and any such of praise and worship of leaders, Read your bible and start from Genesis, God uses in the plural never singular. 2 – That God …

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What is your Message?

What was Jesus preaching that he attracted lots of crowd where ever he went? Why was it that sinners, criminals and men and women with doubtful characters were always coming around to hear him teach and preach (Lk.15:1-2)? Why was he called friend of sinners (Matt. 11:19; Lk. 7:34)? How …

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