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Here i will be teaching and training Church work force. Stay tuned!

Sound Doctrine: For Younger Ministers

How sound and healthy are you ?Sound doctrine is the steering wheel of New Testament ministry . If you jettison it for popularity ,it’s tantamount to letting your car drift since you lost the steering wheel . You can’t tell the extent it will take and lead you astray . …

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Spiritual Father? Spiritual Son?

Have you been asked these questions ?Too much pressure has been put on many upcoming ministers to ensure they procure fathers ,or have sons .. But no such requirements have been placed in scriptures , Spiritual fathering is no tea party , Unlike natural parenting ,which happens at once ( …

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Handling that Brother with care

One of the sore points in many denominations I have observed is the inability to handle moral failings of fellow believers and even ministers.Many have applied the wrong judgment call. The Corinthian brother. If sin was the issue Paul ought to have excommunicated the entire church. 1 Corinthians 3:3 KJV …

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500 Great Prayer Quotes

I have taken time to compile a powerful list of over “500 Great Prayer Quotes” and packaged it for you. I carefully selected the ones that will fan the flame of prayer in you. The ones that are intensely inspiring, hot and soul stirring. I took time to do these …

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Celebrating your Pastor

Pastors, ministers and Christian leaders are one of the most misunderstood and criticized people. It is rightly so because of their peculiar, unique and special assignment they are on earth to carry out. Satan hates pastors because of this assignment and he does all that he can to put them …

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