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Great Prophet William Undi Quotes

  • Pharisees were good in honoring the Prophets that are dead and overlook them who were alive.
  • It’s not how you preach, it’s what you are preaching. Stop being concerned about how you are ministering, people are not concerned about your style, they want life.
  • I am thankful for the life of Prophet Kobus Van Rensburg. He opened the gate that every one after walked in freely. I am part of those that walk through that gate that he opened. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am grateful!
  • Let the grace of help you to make right decision.
  • Let God teach you His Grace, let’s not twist scriptures to accommodate our idea of Grace.
  • For example in 1 Corinthians, Paul spoke of sowing and reaping… and He said God can’t do without a cheerful giver. Take it as it is, it’s grace.
  • Stop waiting for the anointing, for you are the anointed one. Heal the sick, prophesy.
  • For there is nothing God can keep from us for He Has already given His best, His Son, .
  • Go YOU into all the world, and preach the gospel…
  • Is a great commission to every believer and they are some who already going; partner with them. By your partnership, you already going.
  • Ha ha ha, no Christ in your sermon, sir? Then go home, and never preach again until you have something worth preaching.
  • Be inspired by those that are going for it.
  • Look away from all that may distract you, keep your eyes on the prize.
  • The gospel is never complicated, it is simple.
  • Stop saying tomorrow, when today is the right time for God to show up.
  • Divine Exchange: was rejected that you will be accepted.
  • May your request be accepted today, be accepted for that position, business, claim etc, just for the Crucified Christ sake. Be accepted and received!
  • Some are busy arguing, some are touching nations, l choose to walk with those that are busy touching nations.
  • Why fear, for God has not given you such SPIRIT, for He gave you SPIRIT OF POWER (supernatural ability to change things).
  • Why worried for God has not given you such, for He gave you spirit of SOUND MIND (health thoughts, that see God’s intervention in every situation). 2 Timothy 1:7
  • There is no end to His Amazing Grace. Keep receiving.
  • God rise a preacher, he blesses us, we receive him, he preaches amazing Word, awesome miracles follows him, but the minute that preach do a mistake, we throw him away from the list, we burn his CDs, books, we start advising people to be careful around him. BUT we haven’t done that for Solomon for he missed up many times, we haven’t burnt the book of Proverbs, we haven’t done it for Abraham for he lied to the king, for he worked out to have Ishmael etc. The same we do for other preachers we should also do for those in the bible.
  • I am not encouraging fallen man, but l am encouraging Spiritual man to arise and RESTORE those that have fallen. Galatians 6:1 Let you who are SPIRITUAL restore the brother who has fallen.
  • John had no title but Jesus declared him as the greatest of all Prophets ever before him.
  • It’s not in the title it’s in the relationship and function.
  • “Suspecting” is making many people miss out on receiving gifts of God. Many people don’t believe in miracles because of suspecting. Jesus trusted you with gift of discernment not of suspecting.
  • Any revelation that comes from scripture that does not take you to the Person of Jesus and divine encounter, will only make you more religious, yes it will equip you to argue with people who disagree.
  • Scriptures are not to equip you for argument but for the Person of Jesus.
  • Jesus paid the full prize, we can hear God’s Voice freely.
  • One thing l ask from Jesus now, is “give me YOUR heart for your people”.
  • I have heard many people say “they want a sign first before they believe or for them to take a step of faith”.
  • How about Abraham, who God told him to leave his own country and go to a land he did not know? He did not look for a sign first before moving but he moved by faith not knowing where he was going, and they was not even a sign but as he moved many signs followed.
  • How about Moses who God told him to move towards the red sea when there was no sign of the waters separating? Exo 14:15
  • How about Noah who started building the Ark when they was no sign of the flood?
  • Believer be a believer. Signs they follow those that believe, not sign come before you believe. May God restore the time you wasted waiting for a sign first, before you do what God told you to do.
  • If people leave you don’t put it in your mind, just restart with GOD.
  • If we fight against each other the Kingdom of darkness will win.
  • Like Father like Son, l am a son of God, and l won’t trade that for anything in this world. I know who l am, l am not looking for identity in other people, nor in things, nor in titles. I am God’s son, a partaker of the Divine nature.
  • Nothing can stop your increase, your increase has no expire date. You are not going down now, expect increase.
  • The increase of His government they shall be NO END. Isaiah 9:7
  • You are justified – Just as if you never sinned. There is nothing you can do with your past but you can only leave it at the foot of the Cross; and live as if you never sinned. RECEIVE GRACE AND MOVE ON.
  • If we still need to fight in the Spirit then we haven’t accepted the truth that we are more than conqueror. All we need is to rest in the Conqueror, Jesus Christ.
  • It is for our benefit to support or give towards the work of saving lives. Paul speak of giving to the work of the Kingdom as an opportunity set before us not as a burden.
  • The awareness or revelation of His Faith-fulness causes Faith to arise.
  • I usually say ” Christian life is a life on the highest plane, in that plane there is no rear view mirror, no checking of the past; only you can experience where you are and see where you are going.
  • In cars that drive on the ground (lower life) you keep checkingon rearview mirror. Shake yourself from dust, come higher.
  • You shall build and help will come from the Lord. Those plans in your hands are not from you but from God. BUILD!
  • For me to do what l am doing and for me to be where l am it’s by Grace. That means ALL my brothers and sisters can do and even do more because it’s by Grace.
  • Your name is not on waiting list to be blessed for God is a God of NOW.
  • Be inspired to desire the best but never allow your desire to rob you from enjoying what you have NOW. For example l desire a Discovery 4 but that won’t rob me from enjoying the car l drive now. I desire the best for 2015 but that won’t rob me from enjoying the best 2014 still has for me. Never allow the desire you have for the future rob you from enjoying NOW.
  • You might not agree with my preaching but l am happy at least you now know what l believe in. I believe in the Finished Work.
  • Shut your focus away from distraction; for these distractions are sent to steal time.
  • l am not a changed William, but an exchanged man. It used to be me, but now its Christ Living. Thank you Lord for divine exchange.
  • God is my source.
  • People say things that they wont do and most of times they leave you in trouble but God will not fail. I encourage you to take your eyes from people (distractions) and place them.
  • Some people think that seriousness is holiness.
  • The message l preach was purchased by the Life of Jesus, l can’t sell it for friendship, nor for a offering of man, nor for anything in this world. I stand for the Truth.
  • I am not a motivation preacher; for l am a Gospel preacher. I am not sent to motivate people; for l am sent for something great to show them Christ and who there are in Him.
  • The reason why WE christians sometime show wrong fruits it’s because of the wrong seed (Law) that came through hearing. The strength of sin (wrong fruit) is Law (seed). The opposite is true, the strenght of holiness is Grace. You can only change your life by changing what you are hearing.
  • The true spiritual warfare is when you stand in the victory that Jesus has obtained for you. After you have done all to stand, stand therefore… Its in standing not in trying to defeating the defeated foe.
  • I am hungry to grow more and more . I want to see more of the supernatural. I want to be His revelation and appearance here on earth. Yes l AM.
  • Every drop of the Blood of Jesus was for you. What manner of love is this?
  • I am the love revolution.
  • lncrease does not begin with your new job, but begins with the Truth in you. The blessing make you rich, not a good job make you rich.
  • The first miracle I saw in my life was not of money nor of the sick being healed, it was 6years ago of my nephew being raised from the dead after l prayed for him. l remember l kept on praying and they thought l was mad but God raised him. Today he is a strong man helping me in ministry.
  • …and they shall raise the dead.

…prophesy to the dry bones.

lf not now, when? lf not here, where? lf not you, who?

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