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What is Christianity?

what is christianity

We have seriously reduced Christianity to mere religion, just a body of long rules, regulations and codes to keep and strictly adhere to daily. At best it has been made another form of Judaism. We have put old wine (Old Covenant) in new wine skin (New Testament) and produced something that bears the look of Christianity but is really not.First lets see what Christianity is not.

What Christianity Is Not?

  • It is not a religion.
  • It is not going to church.
  • It is not a Christian name.
  • It is not reading a Bible.
  • It is not just being born again.
  • It is not being born in a Christian home.
  • It is not following Jesus.
  • It is not good works.
  • It is not a culture.
  • It is not an escape route to heaven.
  • It is not morality.
  • It is not a body of rules and regulations.
  • It is not about what we can do for God.
  • It is not self denial, abstinence and carrying of cross.
  • It is not a struggle.

Now that we have seen what Christianity is not let us now see what Christianity truly is.

So What Is Christianity?

Christianity is a holiday, a day of rest (Matt.11:28-30; Heb.4:1-11). It’s not a fast, a famine but a feast (Matt.22:1-10). It’s a Life; the very life of God (Jn.10:10; Jn.3:16). In the old testament we had all kinds of feast upon feast all this were to typify the fact that Christianity is a feast. Feasting on the lamb of God that taketh the sins of the world (Jn.1:29). Feasting all day long and all life long on all that the lamb bought for us in his sufferings, death and resurrection (Matt. 22:4).

  • We are called to feast on the finished works of Christ.
  • It’s a celebration.
  • It’s a great supper.
  • It’s Jesus Christ.
  • It’s the manifestation of love; the God kind of love.
  • It’s the establishment and propagation of the kingdom of heaven on earth.
  • It’s the manifestation of our sonship.
  • It’s God expressing himself through man.
  • It’s the union of God and man.
  • It’s something absolutely spiritual with great tangible physical manifestations.
  • It’s the ONLY true, lasting and viable solution to the calamities on our planet.
  • It’s the life of the New Creation in Christ.
  • It’s man receiving the fullness of God, the goodies of heaven, the love of God and the wealth and riches of God.
  • It’s man enjoying the table prepared by God himself.
  • It’s a calling.
  • It’s God’s agenda on earth.

As Christians we ought to be moral but Christianity is not morality. Anybody can be moral and claim to be a Christian. Christianity is a divine call to believe in Jesus, feast on him and manifest him to our world.

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