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You Are Holy and Unblameable

Even as [in His love] He chose us [actually picked us out for Himself as His own] in Christ before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy (consecrated and set apart for Him) and blameless in His sight, even above reproach, before Him in love. Eph. 1:4 (AMP)

You are a chosen vessel. You’re not an accident. You were carefully chosen by God himself. He choose you for himself. If you were specially chosen like this then it means you must be important. 

Heaven places a lot of value on you. You’re worth Jesus himself since he is the price that was paid for your ransom from satan, hell, and doom.

You were chosen before you came into the world. Actually God chose you before the foundation of the world. Which means, God planned adequately for your coming. He has you in his plans. You are not a biological accident. It’s not your parent or some flesh and blood that decided your existence. God knows about you and have you all thought out. His thoughts towards you are all good and to give you an expected end.

You are holy. God’s word declares. Before the foundation of the earth he made you holy. Holiness here means, “to be separated consecrated, set apart”. So God, before the foundation of the earth separated you unto himself. You belong to God not the devil so only the things pertaining to God should happen to you. You have been separated from sickness to perfect health, from poverty to overflowing wealth, from failure to untold success, from curses to permanent blessings.

Your actions currently may not be totally in alignment with scriptures but you ultimately become all that you believe. Believe all God has said about you. If he says you’re holy and blameless believe it. It may not look like it now but because you believe his word you will eventually become all what it says about you.

You have been separated from all evil. Though you are in this world you are not of this world.

You are blameless. It means you are without blemish, free from faultiness, as a victim without spot or blemish, unblameable. You are guiltless so cannot be condemned. Jesus on the cross took away all your guilt and was condemned severely for it. NOW you’re free forever
God chose you and made you holy and blameless you didn’t make yourself. Of course you can’t make yourself no matter how you try. 

That’s how he sees you, see yourself that way too. Stop seeing yourself as a condemned sinner even as a believer. Anyone who believes in Jesus is blameless. Your blames are on Jesus. The world cannot blame you. Satan can’t find any reason or prove to condemn you. Jesus destroyed his proof on the cross.

Look at Col. 2:14:

He canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it to the cross.

All the charges satan has against you has been absolutely canceled. You have no reason to fear.
the slate wiped clean, that old arrest warrant canceled and nailed to Christ’s Cross.

Satan’s arrest warrant has been wiped clean, canceled and nailed on the cross. Hell has no charge over you forever.

He wiped away the bill of charges against us. Because of the regulations, it stood as a testimony against us; but he removed it by nailing it to the execution-stake.

The bill of charges, the pile of testimonies against you has been wiped, removed and nailed to the cross.

He has destroyed what was against us, a certificate of indebtedness expressed in decrees opposed to us. He has taken it away by nailing it to the cross.

The certificate of indebtedness, that proof that you were indebted, that decree that was against you has been destroyed by nailing it on the cross.

he canceled the unfavorable record of our debts with its binding rules and did away with it completely by nailing it to the cross.

All the unfavorable records against you has been canceled and completely dealt with on the cross.

Beloved, satan can’t find any fault in you because God said you’re blameless.

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