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Great Curry Blake Quotes

There is no freedom in sin, only freedom from sin. I’d rather be around a positive sinner than a negative Saint. Jesus is alive and still has ALL authority! Authority He died to let us use. They Emphasize what they can’t do without Him (Holy Spirit), We emphasize what we …

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Rev Arome Adah Gospel of Grace Quotes

​ Jesus has paid for your wealth and grab a hold of everything. Leave out nothing. The lines are falling In pleasant places for you. There’s a mighty supply for you. Because of the finished works of Jesus. Simply receive what Grace has done by faith.  The contract Samson had …

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Great Prophet William Undi Quotes

Pharisees were good in honoring the Prophets that are dead and overlook them who were alive. It’s not how you preach, it’s what you are preaching. Stop being concerned about how you are ministering, people are not concerned about your style, they want life. I am thankful for the life …

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My Gospel of Grace Quotes

Some folks have made themselves sin-hunters,sin-police. They go around looking for sin every where. That’s like a man going around spreadinging ebola virus instead of spreading the cure around. Spreading the GOSPEL is spreading the only cure for sin No body is called to fight sin. If we could fight …

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