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50 Reasons Your Church Needs Technology

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It’s such a big surprise to me to hear Christians attacking technology in these times and age we are in. The Church that is supposed to be in the forefront of technology is behind and even trying to go behind the more. The 21st century advancement is a great blessing to the Church and a ‘digital ballistic weapon’ for global evangelism. Some folks complain about the so called satanic things found online and how our kids and youths are being exposed to it. And my answer to them is ‘since we have left the Internet for the devil don’t we think he will maximize and dominate it? Don’t we think he will try to use it against us (just as he is doing)? If we don’t know what to do with technology he knows.

Few days ago my wife received an mp4 video on a phone from a friend. In that video a lady claimed God spoke in a Sunday Service that she should stop using a Bible in an electronic device. That it’s replacing the Bible with technology. That she should go back to the hard copy Bible. She claimed God cautioned her and asked her to tell the world about it. But my question is, ‘Is God against technology? Does electronics or technology make the Bible less powerful or powerless? Is the Bible less the word of God because its electronic? Is the hard copy Bible not also a product of technology?’

Let’s see my 50 reasons why your Church needs modern day digital tools to effectively and efficiently reach the world and Shepherd the flock well.

1. It’s a great evangelism tool

2. It’s a techie world

3.Technology is of God

4. Using technology is biblical

5. It saves time

6. We save money

7. We do more

8. We get the best output

9. It’s the endtime instrument for propagating the gospel

10. If we don’t the devil will

11. It’s the fulfilment of prophesy

12. We can reach more people easily by it

13. Jesus used it

14. If Jesus was here today he will use it

15. God uses it.

16. The Church has always used it

17. The Church fathers used it

18. It has helped the preservation of the scriptures and Church historical materials

19. You are already using it

20. It’s by it the gospel will cover the whole earth

21. The Church is the pillar and ground of true knowledge – 1Tim.3:15

22. It’s a blessing to us and for us

23. We limit and confine ourself by not using it

24. Technology actually belongs to us. It’s only been perverted by the devil

25. It’s been used against us

26. It’s a foretaste of heaven

27. It ensures security

28. It aids effectiveness

29. The 21st century generation find technology to be necessary

30. We can preach the gospel even in Islamic strong holds with it

31. You can easily keep in touch with your members realtime

32. You can easily access and share information faster and easier

33. The Church must be current

34. Easily manage your ministry or Church finances

35. Easily manage your ministry or Church database

36. It helps us build and strengthen relationship

37. It aids accountability

38. We are in the 21st century

39. Our message is still the same but the method of presentation has since changed

40. We can reach handicaps with it

41. We can reach prisoners with it

42. It makes us limitless

43. The Church should not be left behind

44. Neither God nor the Bible is against it

45. You cannot do without it

46. It helps pastors and Church leaders become better equipped

47. It aids teaching and preaching

48. It presents money making and investment opportunities

49. It’s a handy tool for pastoral ministry

50. It helps us go to where the people are

51. It provides a platform where people can give 247

52. It enables you access more donations and partners

53. Technology is global ministry made easy

The 21st century digital revolution is an endtime tool for taking the gospel to every tongue, tribe and nation, to grow our churches, make them more effective and efficient all to the glory of God. It’s a great blessing to the body of Christ. Let’s embrace this blessing, let’s occupy the internet and all information and digital technologies for Jesus till he comes. No place should be surrendered to the devil. We must take it all for the kingdom of our great king.

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Join Our Bible Study Class NOW

Why not JOIN 0ver a 1,000 members in our Bible Study Class? To learn more about JESUS and all He did for you. Its all for FREE. I'll send you a free ebook to start with.
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