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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Curry Blake

Great Curry Blake Quotes

  • Curry Blakery blake

    There is no freedom in sin, only freedom from sin.

  • I’d rather be around a positive sinner than a negative Saint.
  • Jesus is alive and still has ALL authority! Authority He died to let us use.
  • They Emphasize what they can’t do without Him (Holy Spirit), We emphasize what we can do with Him (Holy Spirit).
  • The first churches in Acts were started by “laymen”. Not leaders, not apostles. When and why did the church buy into the idea that “churches” had to be started by professionals?
  • Do all the good you can where you are with what you have and God will give you more.
  • How about starting a campaign to naturalize Benjamin Netanyahu so he could run for US President. He knows how to deal with terrorists.
  • Acts 13:6-10 Paul and Simon Bar-Jesus. What did God say would and should happen to false prophets? Paul didn’t stone him, he simply spoke the spiritual reality into the physical. Dr. Sumrall said it wasn’t God that struck Simon Bar-Jesus blind, it was an apostle, a son of God.

Paul made many statements concerning his speaking his mind and not a rule of God.

This was an enemy of God that was blocking the Gospel into an entire region. Paul simply turned him over to satan for the destruction of his flesh. Paul also said it was for “a season”.

This is similar to the situation of the person in Corinth that Paul turned over to satan for the destruction of his flesh until he repented.

  • Acts 5:3-10 Ananias and Sapphira.

Peter did not pronounce judgment on either.

He watched Ananias drop dead. (From fear I suppose and my speculation is as good as anyone else’s and in keeping with the nature of God.) With Sapphira, Peter either had a Word of Knowledge of what was about to happen or he assumed the same thing that happened to her husband would happen to her also.

  • People don’t care how much you know, until the know how much you care. Be hard on self, easy on others. You can give them truth, but don’t expect others to consistently walk at a standard that you have set for yourself. If you set yourself with the standard of the Bible, that is good. But, give people mercy. Give them room to grow. Everybody doesn’t know what you know. Everybody hasn’t studied as much as you’ve studied. Everybody hasn’t been where you’ve been. So give them room.
  • The word of God that we have is exactly what we need to meet any need we have. It gives us all the information we need and it allows for us to be able to grow into who we are to be. It is phenomenal how this book can answer every question and every need of humanity and not be bigger than it is. That in itself shows the divinity of its author.
  • People have to remember, David and I minister from the same office, but in different administrations.
  • David is called to and works in Mexico. That is his building realm. When he leaves Mexico, he functions as an exhorter. He does not train believers. He motivates them.

My calling and realm is to train, equip, and activate believers to do the works of Christ.

David works ’em up and gets them ready to do something for God. I train HOW to do something for God. Same Spirit, different functions.

  • Rev. 2:22 ( in the Greek) doesn’t say anything about a bed of sickness. Get a better translation.

The context says that she will be put in a bed and anyone that commits adultery with her will have tribulation.

The context of the bed is adultery not sickness.

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Join Our Bible Study Class NOW

Why not JOIN 0ver a 1,000 members in our Bible Study Class? To learn more about JESUS and all He did for you. Its all for FREE. I'll send you a free ebook to start with.
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