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Mobile Giving Technology and the Church

mobile giving

Mobile giving has come to stay. Some call it ‘digital giving‘, others call it ‘the 21st century offering plate‘. Whatever we choose to call it it’s a technology that is crucial to the Church. People are increasingly accessing the Internet through mobile devices. Mobile giving is more important to the Church of Jesus Christ than ever.

Digital online and mobile giving solutions are a key component for increasing giving, says Nick Nicholaou, president of Ministry Business Services (MBS), Inc., He also said, “If you want younger people today to be able to tithe you have to recognize that most of them don’t even have checking accounts anymore.”

Benefits of Mobile Giving Technology 

  • You can give anywhere and anytime. It removes the barrier on giving.
  • Its easy to give. It’s just clicks away.
  • People can give 247. Unlimited giving. People can give all round the clock and all over the world.
  • You have access to new donors and partners. You’re not limited to your members giving. Others out of your circle can also easily give to your Church or ministry.
  • Helps us obey scripture. Your left hand will not know what right hand is giving – Matt. 6:1-4.
  • Overcome temptation. No more will people be tempted to spend their tithe since they can pay it at work or home as soon as they receive it.
  • The Church can track easily her financial growth.
  • You can easily track your giving. The apps keep the record of all your giving and tithing.
  • More income for the Church. More people can give easily and even those outside your circle can give. This means more income.
  • It’s convenient. Just clicks away.
  • It aids accountability. People no more have reasons not to give since it has been made easy for them. The Church also can easily account for all incomes.
  • Security. Funds are securely delivered to the church’s account

Mobile Giving Stats

  •  The average mobile NGO donation pledge for most fundraising events is $167.
  • The percentage of mobile phone owners making mobile payments grew by 36% just last year.
  • We’re told 39% of smartphone users said that they had used their mobile phones to pay at least one bill last month.
  • 1 in 4 donors discovered nonprofits organizations they were previously unaware of with mobile devices.
  • We are told 25% of donors make their donations on their mobile devices.
  • About 44% of millennials is reported, said that they would rather use their mobile phones to pay for small items than use cash. We are really going cashless by the day.
  • Mobile giving donations have increased 205% in just a year ago.
  • A whooping 51% of people who visit a nonprofit’s website do so with their mobile devices.
  • Faith-based organizations has seen the greatest increase in giving. 18.1% of it is from online donations.
  • About 80% of Americans carry $50 cash or less in their wallet, and about 9% don’t carry cash around at all. It’s a cashless economy.
  • 1.4 billion people globally donated money to at least one nonprofit organization by the end of last year.
  • Surprise! 64% of mobile donations come from women.
  • 68% of United States people donates to charity in some form or another on a regular basis.
  • Just by making a website mobile responsive, nonprofit organizations can increase their donations by a whooping 126% on average.
  • December is a giving month. 30% of all annual giving and donations occurs in December, and 10% of that happens within the last three days of the year. Surprise?
  • December 31st, according to a survey, online giving is concentrated between 12  and 7 pm.
  • Custom-branded donation pages on an NGO’s website helps raise up to 6 times much money on average.

The 20/80 principle says that 20% of people are responsible for the growth of an organization. This principle has also been applied to Church work. It is said that only about 20% of Church members are usually committed to the Church with their tithes and other donations. But i believe this can be changed if a pastor take some conscious steps to improve that figure. One of the things that can be done is by making giving easier, convenient and quick.

What Starbucks, Amazon & Apple are Doing

If all these stats and facts don’t mean much to you, take a look at what these multinational companies are doing, it will give you a glimpse into what’s really happening. That is because these companies spend millions of dollars to research into trends and what us really working.

Apple, Starbucks, Amazon and several others are make it more easier for people to buy from them. They make it easy for you to spend your money with them. Churches should make it easy for people to donate. The Church needs money to fulfill the great commission so we need to make it easy for those who God is leading to partner with us do it seamlessly. While they are making mobile purchasing easier and faster let’s make mobile giving easier for all who are there to donate or partner with us.

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Join Our Bible Study Class NOW

Why not JOIN 0ver a 1,000 members in our Bible Study Class? To learn more about JESUS and all He did for you. Its all for FREE. I'll send you a free ebook to start with.
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